1. You eat seasonally- When you pick up your weekly box, whatever produce is inside is what’s currently in season. You don’t have to wonder if you should be eating lettuce at this time of year or if the zucchini is in season. Just when you get sick of all the tomatoes, something new shows up in your box!
  2. Guaranteed freshness- The produce inside your box is picked the same day, sometimes within an hour or 2 of your box pickup. You eliminate the middleman and premature picking like you might find at the grocery store.
  3. Introduction to new produce- Have you ever heard of kohlrabi? Yea, me either UNTIL it showed up in my box last season. I had to google its description to figure out what the heck it was; turns out kohlrabi is a form of cabbage and there are endless ways to incorporate them into meals! You are introduced to dozens of different vegetables that are probably out of your comfort zone and ones you wouldn’t normally pick up at the store.
  4. A fun way to include vegetables into your diet- Each week your farmer sends out a list of what will be in your box. Look up new recipes, begin your meal prep ideas, and include the vegetables into dishes you may not have in the past. I always feel challenged to make sure all the previous week’s produce is gone before the new haul arrives; it’s a great way to get creative!
  5. Eat less expensive, more organic foods- I’ve been amazed at the value of a CSA box. Buying the same amount of organic produce at the store costs more.
  6. The farm to table experience- It truly is an experience! The tenderness of every piece of produce; the tiny bugs attached that show your food was just picked from the ground; the brown vegetable that is actually bright orange once washed. There is nothing like it.
  7. Less food waste- Maybe the potatoes picked are funky looking and don’t fit the standards of a grocery store so therefore get thrown out. Farmers do not hesitate to put that wonky potato in your box; it still has the same great taste and the same amount of effort was given to pull that bad boy from the ground!
  8. Supporting your local farmer- Your money is going to a hard-working, dedicated team that prides itself in freshness. Support your local farmer by buying their produce for the summer/fall. They genuinely appreciate you.